Monday, 14 May 2012

School Tours and Science Shuffle

We had a slow start this morning. A few of the girls spent the evening chatting with each other until 1:00AM, so it was a challenge to get them up and going this morning for an 8:00AM breakfast. Then again, they guys might have stayed up playing their networked video game. The good news is that we resolved the dining room issue encountered on our first day when we were denied access to the "special" dining hall because the CWSF volunteer was misinformed about who can and who cannot enter. We are now enjoying our meals in the proper place that accommodates  Shelby's and Nadine's dietary arrangements. Fortunately it wasn't an issue at the other dining hall, but it was frustrating for both us and the staff because we kept asking about the food. Finally the manager at the other end inquired and resolved the issue once and for all. In the end, the "special" dining hall is better suited to all our needs (and it's nicer too).

The South Fraser team went back to the exhibit hall to present their projects to school tours. This was the perfect opportunity for them to rehearse their lines and practice their whole repertoire for tomorrow's judging. While the finalists were in the exhibit hall, Nadia and I were trapped in an all delegates meeting for the entire morning. There we were given plenty of information to digest about judging, ethics, the weeks schedule etc...the rest not worthy to make this blog.

Wyatt and Shivan
Nadine and Devika

The afternoon was exciting with all of us attending workshops hosted by students and faculty at UPEI. We were each assigned a group and ventured into a different selection of three workshops.  Bone forensics, finger print forensics, structural engineering of satellites, catapults engineering, nursing mannequins are just to name a few. I was in the same group as Soohyun, so I was able to get some photos.

Devika and Nadine waiting for the Science Shuffle to begin

Shelby waiting for the Science Shuffle

Soohyun with her Science Shuffle guide

The bulk of the participants waiting for the Science Shuffle in the drizzle
The coveted pins..the currency of the Canada Wide Science Fair

One of our finalists with her collection of pins
Soohyun in the bone forensics lab
Cpl. Scott Stevenson - Forensic Fingerprint Specialist

Razor Scallops? I don't know what these were for.

An egg support engineering task

The workings of a Blackberry (RIM was a major sponsor)
Soohyun in the bone forensics lab
The mannequin control station - she basically makes the mannequin mimic any illness

Donald...he has a tracheotomy. He's worth about $70,000.

Apparently, Donald also has high blood pressure
The engineered solar array deployment system
The working innards of a Blackberry.
A see through of a Blackberry

The Science Shuffle concluded at 4:15 PM and we entered the dining hall for dinner. Roast beef tonight. Shortly afterwards, finalists went back to their bedrooms and got ready for another round of public viewings. They each had 2 or 3 visitors in the 75 minute time slot. Nadia and I were in another delegates' meeting. These never stop.

After the public viewing, students were invited to see Physics Phantasia - a presentation about the astronomy program here at UPEI. Some chose to go back to their residences to rest up for tomorrow's judgement day.

It's a 7AM wake-up knock with a formerly dressed breakfast at 7:30 tomorrow. Finalists have to be in the exhibit hall by 8:30 ready to go. Good luck South Fraser!

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  1. Yum Roast beef!! Was there good options for the vegetarians in the group?!?!