Friday, 4 May 2012

Delta Finalists Interviewed For Delta TV

Yesterday, Shelby, Devika and Nadine were invited to be interviewed by Ingrid Abbott on Delta TV. Nadia Williams, South Fraser Committee Member and Alternate Delegate also joined  the interview.

Shelby was the first to be interviewed. She presented her science project "Join The Resistance" which studied the effects of salt water intrusion and increased salinity on Delta's rich agricultural lands. Shelby was supported by her family who will also be making the trip to Charlottetown in support of Shelby's first Canada Wide Science Fair.

Shelby showing her Gold Medal from the South Fraser Regional Science Fair

Shelby interviewed by Ingrid Abbott of Delta TV

Shelby's family who will be joining in on the excitement in Charlottetown

Nadine and Devika presented their project "Silly Strums Funny Vibes" where they created an acoustic strumming apparatus which illustrated the relationships between string tension and acoustic frequencies. The two young scientists were able to download and utilize several smart phone and computer oscilloscope apps that visually showed how the frequencies changed with respect to tension.

 Nadine holding the acoustic apparatus and Devika showing the frequency changes on her smart phone

Devika and Nadine being interview by Ingrid Abbott of Delta TV

Nadia Williams joined the interview in support of our Delta finalists. Nadia who works as a Science Adviser at SFU,  will be joining the eight South Fraser Finalists in Charlottetown next week as a chaperone and Alternate Delegate representing our region.  Nadia answered questions on what the students will be doing in Charlottetown and of course had to answer a question or two about Anne of Green Gables.

 Nadia answers questions about what students will be doing at the Canada Wide Science Fair

The interview with our Delta finalists is scheduled to air on Delta TV on Sunday May 6 on Delta Magazine.

Here is a link to the interview.

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